June 2018 State Board of Education Special Meeting Recap

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June 2018 State Board of Education Special Meeting Recap

Today the State Board of Education (SBE) held a special meeting to discuss revocation proceedings for Path Academy, following the Board’s decision to initiate the process on May 23, 2018. The full resolution of this action item can be found here.

The Board ultimately delayed on making a decision on revocation in order to further investigate additional information and identify potential alternative options; they did not take any vote today. The Board expects to reconvene to make a decision at or before its tentatively scheduled July 18th, 2018 meeting.

The meeting included public comment, a presentation and opportunity for comment from Path Academy, and discussion between the school and the Board. Throughout the meeting, including the public participation section, we heard from several participants who spoke in support of Path Academy, these included school administrators, CEO of Our Piece of the Pie, the school principal, teachers, students, and members of the Windham community.

Strong, effective and quality charter school authorizing critically includes strong accountability. In initiating this process to further investigate the identified matters of concern, the State Board utilized its authority as the state’s charter school authorizer to push for strong accountability for our state’s charter schools. 

Stay tuned for additional updates as the State Department of Education and State Board of Education consider further action on the outcome of Path Academy in the coming weeks. 



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