81 Percent of Connecticut Charter Schools Out-Perform Host Districts in 2013 State Assessment

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For Immediate Release: Dec. 6, 2013
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81 Percent of Connecticut Charter Schools Out-Perform Host Districts in 2013 State Assessment

Hartford, Connecticut – This week, the Connecticut State Department of Education released its 2013 School and District Performance Reports, which evaluates student performance across the entire stateData from the report show Connecticut public charter schools continue to out-perform their local school districts on the state’s School Performance Index (SPI).

Most notably, the data found:

  • 81% of Connecticut charters scored higher than their host districts.
  • Charters were in the top 10 of all public schools in the state’s largest cities of Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven — even when including highly selective magnet schools.

The vast majority of charter schools also out-performed their host districts with at-risk student groups, including:

  • 86% with black students
  • 83% with Latino students
  • 76% with low-income students
  • 75% with “high need” students (combined special education, English language learner, and low-income students)

NECSN Connecticut State Director, Jeremiah Grace, made the following statement:

"These results show that the tireless efforts of our teachers and families are paying off. On average, the state’s charters are out-performing the district schools in their neighborhoods — even with the most at-risk students.

“While work remains, charters are showing promising results while teaching students in some of our most challenged communities. These results demonstrate why parental support for charter schools is higher than ever, and why state policymakers have made a commitment to grow the number of public charter schools across the state."

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