A Day of Silence at the Capitol in Hartford

Posted by on 04 / 16 / 2015 0 Reactions

by Michael Shulansky
Yesterday, a group of incredible parents and a student came together at the Capitol to demonstrate on behalf of public charter schools, parents, and children across Connecticut.
As members of the charter school community, they understand the difference school choice can make in a child’s life, but they don’t feel like anyone is listening to their pleas. So the group came together to urge elected officials to listen to their voices.
They did this without saying a word.
Wearing black ribbon over their mouths to symbolize the fact that their voices aren’t being heard, the group spent over an hour holding messages urging state legislators to support public charter schools and listen to members of the charter community.
These parents should be commended for their willingness to take their message to the Capitol and truly share how they feel. Their silent demonstration sparked a discussion about the role of community voices in policymaking, and about the needs of public charter schools in Connecticut.
If you want to speak out like these community leaders, please call or email your legislator by clicking here.


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