Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Both Sides of Eva's Mouth

Why is Albany Superintendent Eva Joseph still allowed to collect a paycheck?

The latest sign that she has absolutely no control over the mess that is public education in the state's capitol city came last night at a meeting on school safety and violence problems that brought out 200 concerned parents.

Forget the high-profile school stabbing last month, reports from students, teachers, and parents that things are out of control in Albany's high school classes, etc. Forget that it is often hard to get 200 people to show up for any important discussion. Superintendent Joseph had a two point response to all the maternal and paternal angst:

1. Albany schools are not chaotic.
2. Even if they are chaotic, it aint my fault baby! We've got "gangs, drugs, and poverty." No problem as far as my hide is concerned!

Presumably, the 200 people at last night's meeting aren't arguing that gangs, drugs, and poverty aren't a problem. It's precisely why they want something better for their kids.

Too bad Eva Joseph isnt' gonna be the one who gives it to them...

PS - The fact that some parents interpreted the superintendent's buck-passing as a suggestion that all of the black people in the room were drug-pushers and gang-bangers probably suggests that in addition to being a lame school district administrator, Joseph has an extremely tone-deaf bedside manner.

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