Saturday, February 13, 2010

Charter Schools Getting the $haft - and the Gap is Widening

Today's New York Post has a column by me (here) discussing the funding inequity between charter schools and district schools.

For starters, charter schools have always gotten less--about one-third less--than districts on a per pupil basis primarily from the lack of facilities funding. This has now been made worse by the state-imposed funding freeze on charter schools at 2008-09 levels, which Gov. Paterson has proposed to continue into next year, 2010-11.

School districts have continued to spend more thanks to local taxes and federal stimulus. Charter funding should follow that spending like it did for their first ten years. This funding formula connection to school district expenditures has been severed by the charter funding freeze, which exacerbates the existing funding equity borne by charter students.

Charter schools must demand funding justice with their state legislators as they grapple with putting together the state budget in the next six weeks.

Peter Murphy
for The Chalkboard
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