Buffalo & Rochester Charter Schools Short-Changed Again!

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For Immediate Release: March 28, 2014
Contact: Bob Bellafiore, 518-928-8471bob@stanhope-ny.com



Reported budget deal fails to fix flaw in charter law that denies building aid to public charter schools

Albany, NY – Reports from the Capitol indicate that Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders are nearing a deal on major policy changes that affect charters, but a proposal that would have provided building aid to schools across the state is at risk of being killed. In addition, the per pupil funding “increases” being discussed would actually result in a net funding cut for students in Rochester and Buffalo.  Charter students would face a $2.0 million cut in Rochester, and $1.4 million cut in Buffalo, compared to what they would have received next year under the regular funding formula.
Supporters in Buffalo, Rochester and across the state have sent roughly 5,000 emails and tweets to legislators in Albany in less than 24 hours in a last minute effort to save building aid for charter schools.
Buffalo, Rochester, and Niagara Falls charter schools issued the following statement regarding the reported terms of the deal:
“The Governor and Legislature are turning their backs on Buffalo and Rochester children. 
“Funds meant for kids will have to be put toward buildings—something that the state should be providing in the first place.
“When the governor stood on the steps of the Capitol and promised he would help us grow, we in Buffalo and Rochester believed him.  But maybe we were mistaken. 
“The governor should use these last few hours to remember that children in Buffalo and Rochester matter too.” 
Buffalo-area Charter Schools
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Aloma D. Johnson Charter School
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Oracle Charter School
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Niagara Charter School
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Discovery Charter School
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Rochester Prep Charter School 3
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