Tell our state leaders that charter school students deserve #BuildingEqualityNow

Every public school student in New York deserves equal access to funding for school buildings. Yet, for no good reason, half of New York State's charter schools, including 40% of the charter schools in New York City, are denied facilities funding because of an omission in state law.

Governor Cuomo's budget proposal is a great first step, the Senate's budget proposal would solve the crisis, but we need your help to make sure our schools receive #BuildingEqualityNow.

Educating children is a struggle when precious few available dollars are diverted to pay rent, building maintenance, and energy costs. Our students are shortchanged thousands of dollars each year because of this inequality.

Charter school teachers and leaders do more with less each and every day. But in order to help our students meet the challenges of the 21st century head-on, they deserve access to the same funding that all of the other public schools in the state receive.

Act now to tell Governor Cuomo and the state legislature that we need #buildingequalitynow!*

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