Charter school diversity

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Charters serve a diverse set of Connecticut students, and they do it extremely well.
In fact, according to our own State Department of Education, 86% of charter elementary schools are outperforming the district schools where they are located according to state data. The same can be said for 83% of charter high schools.
That success is a reflection of the incredible, diverse set of school models you can find through Connecticut charter schools.
That includes ELL-focused programs in Windham and Bridgeport, a number of schools serving over-aged, under-credited youth, and alternative schools for students that aren’t succeeding in their local district schools.
Naysayers choose to ignore schools like Explorations Charter School in Windham, which serves 38% special education students, and claim charters don’t serve high-need students at all. 
The truth is, there are a number of charter schools across our state that serve ELL and special education students in numbers.
It’s clear: charter schools are a diverse group, and many of them specialize in serving the very students they’re accused of leaving behind. Print this out and share it with your friends and family.


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