Claudia Phillips

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Community Engagement Manager, Bridgeport 

Claudia Phillips, a Bridgeport resident, was born to Mexican immigrant parents. Mrs. Phillips is a proud parent of three hard working scholars, one child who presently attends a public charter in Connecticut and two daughters currently attending Boston College and Bucknell University.

As the NECSN Community Engagement Manager in Bridgeport, Mrs. Phillips will build a diverse movement of community members supportive of charter schools in the greater Bridgeport area.

Before serving as a Community Engagement Manager, as a community organizer and parent leader, Mrs. Phillips has organized and mobilized parents around equitable funding for public charter schools in largely underserved, marginalized predominantly Black and Latinx communities across Connecticut since 2012. Mrs. Phillips is a fierce defender of parent choice in education and believes a quality education that prepares children academically and civically is a right, regardless of one’s zip code or socioeconomic status.


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