Connecticut charter schools meet with the Black and Latino Caucus

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Last week, charter school students, parents, leaders, and advocates stayed late at the State Capitol to share their experiences with the State Legislature's Black and Latino Caucus.
As a community, we urged our elected leaders to fund all public schools equitably, modernize our state's charter school law, allocate funds for charter school growth, and continue efforts to improve education for our students and families.
It was one of many visits that will be made over the next few months to ensure that our elected leaders are giving Connecticut's charter schools the support they need.
Two remarkable students, Shian from Achievement First Hartford Academy Middle and Elmer from New Haven’s Common Ground High School testified for the first time -  they talked about how important their schools are to them. They were joined by Great Oaks' Superintendent Christina Grant, Ronelle Swagerty, CEO of New Beginnings Family Academy, and many others.
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