Connecticut State Board of Education Approves First New Public Charter Schools In Over Five Years

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For Immediate ReleaseJune 05, 2013
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Connecticut State Board of Education Approves First New Public Charter Schools In Over Five Years

Hartford, Connecticut – Today, the Connecticut State Board of Education approved Brass City Charter School in Waterbury and Path Academy in Windham, paving the way for the first new public charter schools to open since 2008. NECSN Connecticut State Director, Jeremiah Grace, made the following statement regarding the schools.

“The approval of Brass City Charter School and Path Academy mark a significant step forward in providing more high-quality public school options to the families of Connecticut. We are incredibly heartened to see that the State Board of Education looked at the 4,000 names on public charter school waitlists and decided to move forward with its first two new state charter school applications in more than five years.

“These schools will help close our state’s worst-in-the-nation achievement gap by acting as a lifeline to the 65,000 Connecticut kids still stuck in failing public schools. We congratulate the State Board and the schools for their hard work, and we know they are ready and eager to serve communities in need. This momentum needs to continue as lawmakers finalize funding for these new schools in the home stretch of the budget process.”

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