Denise Stevens, on behalf of her daughter Unique Brown

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IMG_0310-compressor.jpgUnique Brown is a 14-year-old student who attended King Center Charter School in Buffalo, NY. Unique enrolled at King Center for kindergarten. Unique’s mother, Denise Stevens enrolled Unique in King Center because of the serious problems Ms. Stevens’ son, Unique’s older brother, experienced as a student in traditional district schools in Buffalo, including apathetic teachers, major safety issues, and discipline problems.

Ms. Stevens decided to enroll Unique at King Center because of the dedication she observed the teachers and administrators at the school showed to students, and the commitment these teachers showed to ensuring that parents were involved in the education and enrichment of their students.

King Center teachers frequently stay after school to help students with homework, come in on Saturdays for school sponsored academic enrichment programs, and hold frequent events at the school, to engage parents, in an effort to build a community and establish a supportive school culture. All of this is done without any extra compensation, and the resources used for these initiatives come from the teachers’ personal finances or parent donations.

Unique was able to excel as a King Center student and Ms. Stevens credits much of Unique’s growth, personally and academically, to the hard work and devotion of the folks at King Center.

When asked why she believed King Center needed additional funding, Ms. Stevens spoke about the importance of supporting quality schools, and opined about the greater work King Center could accomplish for more students like Unique if the school was given the funding and support it deserves.


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