Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School Elementary Principal

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Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School Elementary Principal

CEO/Chairman -Julio Vázquez 

Executive Director - Maycanitza Pérez 

Elementary Principal – Carol L. Jones 

Secondary Principal - Christine Caluorie-Poles 



SALARY RANGE: $90,000-$100,000 

Summary of Position: 

Eugenio María de Hostos Charter School is in its 18th year of operation as a K-10 school, serving over 700 students. EMHCS offers a dual language program in grades K-2. Our school is fortunate to have staff, students and parents working together to create partnerships for learning. We seek to hire a talented, experienced and energetic individual who can supervise, facilitate and lead the daily operations of our K-6 Grades. EMHCS is part of the NYS Retirement System. 


Professional knowledge 

  • • Select and assign personnel based on knowledge of abilities, qualifications, past performances, and school needs 
  • • Demonstrates knowledge of the curriculum 
  • • Demonstrates knowledge of Dual Language Programs 
  • • Demonstrates knowledge of Expeditionary Learning 
  • • Lead curriculum development activities providing opportunities and encouragement for increased staff program expertise and involvement 
  • • Implement the approved curricular scope and sequence in the school settings 
  • • Administer systematic and effective methods of objectively monitoring student progress 
  • • Demonstrate a knowledge of multiple measures of data (demographic, perception, school process and student learning) analysis and how to use the information to improve teaching and learning to obtain positive results 
  • • Utilize tests results in analyzing program effectiveness and identifying areas needing improvement 
  • • Demonstrate continued personal growth through participation in professional activities and organizations 
  • • Evaluate progress toward instructional goals and objectives and make needed adjustments 
  • • Provide leadership in identifying and solving issues and problems facing the profession 

Grades K – 1 1069 Joseph Avenue, Rochester, New York 14621 585-697-7115 Grades 2 – 10 27 Zimbrich Street, Rochester, New York 14621 585-544-6170 


Ability: Ability to apply common sense and understanding to potentially technical situations. Ability to establish and impart tasks necessary to complete a project, conveying understanding and priority to others. Has the ability to establish logical sequencing, trouble-shooting, problem-solving and decision-making skills. 

Ability - Effective strategies and activities 

  • • Effectively supervise the instructional performance of the professional staff through frequent and ongoing observation and evaluation 
  • • Provide assistance to the professional staff in building an effective community of student learners that promote citizenship 
  • • Act as role model for expected staff behavior by demonstrating leadership, management, and instructional skills 
  • • Implement an effective orientation program for newly assigned personnel 
  • • Demonstrate prudent risk taking and vision in the interest of school improvement 
  • • Administer the school budget in accordance with system regulations and board policies and legal requirements 
  • • Demonstrate continued personal growth through participation in professional activities and organizations 
  • • Establish and clearly communicate program of teacher evaluation 


Effectively plans and prepares 

  • • Develop and implement administrative procedures consistent with federal law, state school law, and school board policy 
  • • Make decisions in consideration of alternatives, consequences, and applicable research 
  • • Promote the incorporation of community resources in the school programs 
  • • Provide for the maintenance of accurate and current personnel, student, and fiscal records 
  • • Establish and /or maintain safety and security arrangements for school plant facilities and equipment 
  • • Supervise health, guidance, and attendance services to insure the humane treatment of all students 
  • • Supervise the preparation of accurate budgets and effectively monitor expenditures 
  • • Ensure the accurate and efficient preparation of required reports and requisitions 


Human relations 

  • • Develop and maintain positive staff morale 
  • • Interact directly with parent groups to promote positive school-community relations 
  • • Encourage parent visits and involvement in school activities 
  • • Differentiate ways to encourage and increase parent’s involvement 
  • • Provide appropriate orientation and induction programs for teachers and staff members 
  • • Demonstrate fair and equitable treatment of all teachers, staff, and students 

Grades K – 1 1069 Joseph Avenue, Rochester, New York 14621 585-697-7115 Grades 2 – 10 27 Zimbrich Street, Rochester, New York 14621 585-544-6170 


Interaction with students 

  • • Establish high expectations for student achievement that are directly communicated to students 
  • • Maintain adequate student discipline through the implementation of progressive discipline in alignment with EMHCS code of conduct 
  • • Provide for adequate supervision and acceptable student behavior at all sanctioned and sponsored events 
  • • Encourage and allow students and student organizations to give meaningful and appropriate input to the operation of the school 
  • • Demonstrate an understanding of students and the diversity of their needs 
  • • Demonstrate fair and equitable treatment of all teachers, staff and students 


Communication Skills: Ability to read, write and interpret documents such as curriculum guides, budgets, test results, grant applications, statutes and policies. Ability to understand, generate written memorandums, employee evaluations, and correspondence. Ability to speak effectively to individuals and groups. 


  • • Define, articulate and promote the internalization of the school’s philosophy 
  • • Implement an effective method of reporting student progress 
  • • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with various elements of the school community 
  • • Effectively communicate and support the management team decisions and school board policies 
  • • Provide for systematic, two-way communication with teachers, staff and the community 


Time Management 

  • • Ensure the student and teacher schedules are developed which promote school objectives and minimize conflict 
  • • Establish clear rules and expectations for the use of time allocated to instruction 
  • • Complete assigned instructional and operational tasks on time 


Qualification Requirements: 

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function effectively. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals to perform the essential functions. 


  • • Ability to manage, inspire and lead staff and support student needs 
  • • Experience and ability to work with small or large groups of students and adults 
  • • Ability to cope and deal with students 
  • Must have excellent communication skills 
  • • Must show strong observational skills 
  • • Ability to encourage students to learn and succeed 

Grades K – 1 1069 Joseph Avenue, Rochester, New York 14621 585-697-7115 Grades 2 – 10 27 Zimbrich Street, Rochester, New York 14621 585-544-6170 



  • • Ability to maintain productive relations and positive attitude towards students 
  • • Must be able to interact positively with others 
  • • Must be sensitive to each family’s values, beliefs, traditions and cultural influences 


All employees of the Eugenio María de Hostos are expected to demonstrate 

  • • A commitment to the vision and mission of the school 
  • • Acceptance, appreciation and respect for cultural diversity 
  • • A commitment to continuous professional growth 
  • • A commitment to work cooperatively and effectively with other staff members 
  • • A sense of flexibility in working with an expanding school 
  • • A commitment and passion for improving the education of children 
  • • The ability to reflect on one’s own performance 


Education / Experience 

  • • Masters Degree 
  • • Five (5) years of appropriate teaching experience 
  • • New York State Teacher Certification 
  • • Minimum of two (2) years of leadership experience as a teacher and/or school administrator 
  • • New York State Certification for School Administration/Supervisor (SAS) or School Building Leader (SBL) preferred 
  • • Ability to communicate in both English and Spanish preferred but not required 
  • • Must have a working knowledge of computers and their capabilities 


Application Procedures: 

Interested candidates should submit the following information via email by February 16, 2018

▪ Letter of Interest 

▪ Resume 

▪ 3 Reference Letters 

▪ Valid Certificates 


Materials should be sent to Maycanitza Pérez (Executive Director) 

Deadline: February 16, 2018 

Interviews Begin: week of March 19, 2018 

Starting Date: July 1, 2018 


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

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