Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science & Technology

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Inspired STEM Elementary School Director

Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science & Technology in Rochester, NY seeks an inspired and experienced elementary School Director committed to providing Kindergarten through 5th grade students with an exceptional “start in STEM.” The Director is responsible to the Board of Trustees for accomplishing the school’s mission and for implementing policies of the Board. The Director is responsible for the development and direction of curriculum, hiring, supervision, professional development and evaluation of all faculty and staff; oversight and maintenance of buildings and grounds; promoting the school among its various constituencies; maintaining appropriate liaison with school districts. A competitive salary commensurate with experience and education; excellent benefits.

Key Qualifications Include

  1. Master’s degree in Education or equivalent certification and experience
  2. Active New York State certification in school administration
  3. Five to ten years administrative management experience in education
  4. Prior classroom teaching experience preferred
  5. Understanding & knowledge of educational assessments, use and value
  6. Experience working with ethnically & economically diverse students and families
  7. Other credentials or experience as deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees


Job Responsibilities

  1. Participate in the development of a strategic plan and long range goals to assure the school’s ability to carry out its mission. Implement the plan and monitor and report its outcomes to the Board of Trustees.
  2. Attract, develop, and manage the performance of and retain high caliber faculty and staff.
  3. Develop and implement an infrastructure that is designed to deliver a high quality education program to students and their parents/guardians and supporting school systems.
  4. Continually improve a curriculum designed to prepare students for transition secondary school options and post-graduation.
  5. Develop and implement programs designed to increase enrollment and funding streams, and that are consistent with the mission of the School.
  6. Collaborate with the Finance department to create and monitor an annual budget and tuition support program.
  7. Collaborate with the Marketing and Development department to identify and implement ongoing and alternative funding campaign strategies.
  8. Oversee the development and implementation of IEPs. Ensure compliance with CSE requirements.
  9. Develop and report on program operations and student outcomes.
  10. Develop and facilitate professional development including the Summer Institute.
  11. Complete performance reviews on Exploration staff.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Demonstrated ability to build constituencies and to communicate successfully with them
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of educational policy and theory
  3. Strong organizational and administrative skills
  4. Ability to work collaboratively and to delegate
  5. Demonstrated problem solving skills
  6. Demonstrated ability to build a successful team
  7. Articulate speaker and presenter; effective writer
  8. Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  9. Demonstrated listening, counseling and problem solving skills. Ability to be empathetic and non-judgmental.
  10. Strong organizational, time management and administrative supervisory skills
  11. Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team and to delegate and manage


To Apply

Qualified applicants should submit a resume/CV and copies of relevant certifications to Susan Dieter, Esq. at sdieter@e-success.org


About Exploration: Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science & Technology was developed with Rochester children and our scientifically advanced world in mind. Opened in 2017 for kindergarten and first graders and growing to K-5, Exploration is a public charter school preparing young learners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become tomorrow's innovators. Exploration balances instruction in core content areas with opportunities for students to explore, research, direct, experiment, and interact with knowledge. Exploration’s Board of Trustees comprises community leaders in STEM and education fields committed to offering Rochester students a world-class public education and preparing them for success in our 21st century world.  Located on Success Campus at 1001 Lake Avenue in Rochester, NY, well-appointed school building and grounds hosts science lab, maker space, dance studios, sensory spaces, a theater, and a playground and provide the setting necessary to support Exploration’s unique “hands on, minds on” model. Rich community partnerships infuse STEM learning and provide support services to help students and their families overcome challenges to achieve academic success.



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