February 6th CT State Board Meeting Recap

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February 6th State Board Meeting Recap

Today the State Board of Education (SBE) held its monthly meeting, as well as a Legislation and Policy Development subcommittee meeting. The full agenda for the regular meeting can be found here and sub-committee meeting agenda can be found here.

  • State Board Members Joe Vrabley and William Davenport facilitated a discussion on access to public school choice programs, and submitted a resolution to the committee on a broad policy of expanding access to choice schools. These recommendations will be submitted to the state legislature to act on the issues outlined in the resolution.  
  • The State Board appointed a personnel search committee to conduct a search for the next Commissioner of Education.
  • The Board announced that current Commissioner Dianna Wentzell will stay on as Interim Commissioner.
  • The terms of current Board members Joseph Vrabely, Erin Benham, Terry Jones, Maria Mojica, Estela Lopez, and Stephen Wright expire on March 1st 2019, and we await more from the Governor’s office on these appointments. For more on this issue click here.

Charter School Discussion: The SBE discussed the State Department of Education’s (SDE) report on charter school discipline. The SDE report indicated that charter schools overall have a high rate of out-of-school suspensions and recommended two action steps to help address the issue. The full report can be found here.

SBE also discussed an update on the progress being made on a corrective action plan for three charter schools: Achievement First Bridgeport Academy, Amistad Academy, and Elm City College Preparatory. These updates stemmed from the SBE-approved March 2017 charter renewal resolutions for the three Achievement First schools.

  • On reducing suspensions, the SDE update found that all three charter schools have met the targets outlined in their corrective action plans for reducing their rates of suspension over the 2017-18 school year.
  • On teacher certification compliance, the corrective action plan set a goal of compliance for all three schools to 90%. The update notes that as of January 2019, Achievement First Bridgeport Academy has reached 87% certification compliance, Amistad Academy has reached 89% certification compliance, and Elm City College Preparatory school has reached 92% certification compliance.
  • The report also provided progress updates to where these schools are currently in meeting two other areas of teacher certification compliance: completing the TEAM program and bilingual teaching certification. More on this can be found here.


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