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Kyle Rosenkrans and James Merriman on TWC "Capital Tonight"

  Northeast Charter Schools Network CEO Kyle Rosenkrans and New York City Charter School Center James Merriman joined Time Warner Cable News Capital Tonight to discuss Charter School Advocacy Day...

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NY1 Inside City Hall: Charter School Leaders Discuss 2014 and What's in Store Next Year

Errol Louis talks about the future of charter schools with Vasthi Acosta, principal of the Amber Charter School in Harlem, Jai Nanda, Executive Director of Urban Dove Charter School and...

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Kyle Rosenkrans, Neal Currie, and Latoya Taitt on TWC News "Capital Tonight" - December 8, 2014

NECSN CEO Kyle Rosenkrans, Albany Community Charter School Executive Director Neal Currie and charter school parent Latoya Taitt joined TWC's "Capital Tonight" to respond to recent criticisms of charters and...

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Classroom Without Walls 2014

On November 18, a civics class was held outside to dramatize the challenges of the more than 49,000 children whose charter schools receive no public funding for their facilities and...

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Bill Phillips on TWC News "Capital Tonight" - June 27, 2014

NECSN President Bill Phillips joins Capital Tonight to discuss New York charter school graduation rates, the closure of Ark Community Charter School, and the coming teacher tenure lawsuit.

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Ark Community Charter School Fighting to Stay Open - TWC "Capital Tonight"

Steven Axelrod, Chair of the Ark Community Charter School's Board of Trustees, joins Capital Tonight to discuss the lawsuit challenging the State University of New York's decision to close the...

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Fight Continues to Keep Ark Community School From Closing - TWC News

Leaders from around the Troy area gathered at the Ark Community Charter School to join the fight to keep the school open. From May 27, 2014.

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Dr. Steve Perry, founder, Capital Prep Harbor

Dr. Steve Perry of the proposed Capital Prep Harbor charter school urges Connecticut's Board of Education to approve the four new charter school proposals.

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Joe Dickerson, III, executive director, Jumoke Academy Schools

Joe Dickerson, III, executive director, Jumoke Academy Schools on the importance of educational choice.  

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Rev. William McCullough, Russell Temple CME Church, Bridgeport

Reverend William McCullough of Russell Temple CME Church on the 21st century education the four proposed Connecticut charter schools will provide.

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