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Bishop Richardo Griffith, Word of Life Ministries

Bishop Richardo Griffith on the need for the BOE to provide more options for Connecticut's children.

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Dr. Steve Perry, founder, Capital Prep Harbor

Dr. Steve Perry of the proposed Capital Prep Harbor charter school urges Connecticut's Board of Education to approve the four new charter school proposals.

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Christina Grant, founder, Great Oaks Charter School

Christina Grant of the proposed Great Oaks Charter School on the need to provide a great education for our kids!

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Rev. William McCullough, Russell Temple CME Church, Bridgeport

Reverend William McCullough of Russell Temple CME Church on the 21st century education the four proposed Connecticut charter schools will provide.

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Give Our Kids a Chance! 4/1/14 Press Conference

Press conference at Jumoke Academy on April 1, 2014 in support of four new charter schools in Connecticut.   Part 1:

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Tanya Ghans, Founder, Stamford Charter School for Excellence

Tanya Ghans of the proposed Stamford Charter School for Excellence explains the need for more public school options.

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WNY Charter schools pushing for more facilities funding - TWC "Capital Tonight"

Joy Pepper of Tapestry Charter School in Buffalo joins "Capital Tonight" to discuss the necessity for facilities funding for charters across the state to be included in the state budget....

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Fight for Fairness Rally in Albany!

On March 4, over 10,000 charter school students, parents, teachers, and supporters from all over the state gathered at the Capitol to ask Albany for fairness in funding, facilities opportunities,...

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NECSN President Bill Phillips on "The Capitol Pressroom" - March 3, 2014

On Monday, NECSN President Bill Phillips appeared on WNCY's "The Capital Pressroom" to discuss statewide funding fairness for charter schools ahead of Tuesday's rally at the Capitol.

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TWC Buffalo - Thousands Rally in Albany for Charter Schools

Time Warner Cable News Buffalo coverage of Tuesday's rally for statewide charter school fairness, featuring comments from Elmwood Village Charter School founder Liz Evans.

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