Gov. Malloy Expands Competitive Safety Grants to Public Charter Schools

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Gov. Malloy Expands Competitive Safety Grants to Public Charter Schools

Hartford, CT – This week, Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced a proposal to expand the School Security Grant Program as part of his legislative agenda for 2014. This expansion will include an additional $10 million for the program, and it would open up the grants to all public schools, including public charters. Previously only district and magnet schools could apply. In response to the expansion, Jeremiah Grace, Connecticut state director of the Northeast Charter Schools Network, made the following statement:

“I’d like to applaud Gov. Malloy for understanding that our children’s safety is our top priority. These grants will go a long way in ensuring that every public school student is able to learn in a secure environment.

“I’d also like to thank him for expanding the program to include all public school children, including charter students. Our need for safer classrooms is the same, no matter what type of public school a child attends. Charter students are as deserving of feeling safe in the classroom as their friends down the street in traditional public schools.

“We look forward to working with the General Assembly and others to build support for Gov. Malloy’s proposal.”

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The Northeast Charter Schools Network is a regional advocacy organization for the more than 200 charter schools in New York and Connecticut. Its mission is to support and expand high-quality charter schools in the region so that all students can receive a great public education.

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