Hartford BOE, Achievement First Charter Schools Build Upon Strong History with Expanded Relationship

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For Immediate Release: Aug. 27, 2013
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Hartford BOE, Achievement First Charter Schools Build Upon Strong History with Expanded Relationship

Hartford, Connecticut – Today, the Hartford Board of Education approved the expansion of its collaboration agreement with Achievement First Hartford charter school. Under this new agreement, Hartford will help Achievement First obtain funding and facilities to add 96 fifth graders at a fourth public charter school next year. The school will add grades and grow into a full-sized middle school in subsequent years.

This marks the latest development in a nationally recognized collaboration between Hartford and Achievement First, and builds upon a successful history of cooperation that recently led state legislators to expand this voluntary program and make it available to 30 other low-performing school districts. Northeast Charter Schools Network Connecticut State Director, Jeremiah Grace, made the following statement:

“Hartford is a national example of the success that is possible when school districts and public charter schools collaborate — and parents and students benefit most. This expansion will ensure more Hartford public school students and their parents have access to a high-quality public school option and is a clear win-win for everyone. I’d like to commend the Hartford BOE and Achievement First for their vision and persistence in ensuring that every child has access to a good education, regardless of race, wealth or zip code.”

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