Ingrid Knight, on behalf of her daughter Giselle Jacobs

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IMG_0204.JPGEight year-old Giselle Jacobs, daughter of single-mother Ingrid Knight, is currently enrolled in second grade at the Elmwood Village Charter School in Buffalo, NY.  Prior to enrolling at Elmwood Village, Giselle attended Buffalo Public School 32, the Bennett Park Montessori School (PS 32).

Bennett is a consistently low performing school, and is formally categorized as a low performing ‘Focus’ school, by the New York Department of Education.  Concerned that her daughter would not be receive a quality education if she remained at PS 32, Ms. Knight sought better opportunities for Giselle and enrolled her in Elmwood Village.

From the moment Giselle enrolled at Elmwood Village, her mother could see a tremendous difference in the way the school addressed her daughter’s academic needs. Giselle was regularly encouraged to explore her creative interests, developing a love for writing and the arts, and an affinity for acting.

Ms. Knight says she feels extremely lucky to have gained a seat at Elmwood Village via a lottery, and that if she hadn’t been able to enroll Giselle in a charter school, she would have been faced with the difficult task of finding funding to send her to a private school.


Here’s more from Ms. Knight on charter school funding:

Northeast Charter Schools Network

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Phone: (518) 603-9091