Janeene Freeman

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Chief Executive Officer

Janeene Freeman joined the Northeast Charter Schools Network in January, 2017 as the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, leading the work in both New York and Connecticut.

Freeman joined the charter school association after 16 years with the Community Service Society of New York (CSS), where she most recently served as the Director of Government Relations. 

Freeman understands the critical need for high-quality educational options, particularly in communities that have been left behind. Her deep knowledge of government and strong coalition-building background is an asset to the work.

Freeman also said she knows firsthand how educational choice can change the trajectory of one’s life. In middle school, she said her parents had to fight to ensure she would be challenged and have access to all the resources she needed to succeed. As a result of their advocacy and the educational options available to her, she received a great, quality education and was afforded the opportunity to attend wonderful educational institutions thereafter.

Education helped her succeed, and she wants others to have that opportunity as well.

Freeman began with the Community Service Society in 2000 and has a long career in advocating for vulnerable populations. She served as CSS’s Director of Government Relations for eight years and was responsible for advancing the policy agenda at the city, state and federal levels. Prior to that, she served as the Acting Director for the group’s New York City Managed Care Consumer Assistance Program, which served as a critical resource for New Yorkers trying to navigate the complex health insurance system. Before starting her work in the nonprofit sector, Freeman was a Marketing Specialist for People’s Bank, one of the largest consumer banks in Connecticut. 

Freeman also volunteers with the New York Women’s Foundation, which seeks to improve the economic security of women and girls, and has served as co-chair for the Foundation’s volunteer committee.  She also served as Chair of Black Alumni Council for Wesleyan University’s Alumni Club of New York.

Freeman has a Master of Public Administration from the School of International & Public Affairs at Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University.

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