Jeremiah Grace’s Testimony on Proposed Charter Modernization Law

Posted by on 02 / 26 / 2015 0 Reactions

This week at the State Capitol Northeast Charter Schools Network State Director Jeremiah Grace gave the following testimony on the state’s proposed charter modernization law, SB 943, An Act Concerning Charter School Modernization and Reform.
Grace said, “I want to say emphatically that public charter schools strongly support an aggressive package of improvements to Connecticut's charter laws.
“The current proposal includes strong accountability and transparency measures, including requiring background checks, anti-Nepotism and conflict of interest policies. These updates are crucial to the safety of our students, and will actually subject charter school governing boards to even more stringent background check requirements than district Boards of Education.
“With that said, this bill misses the mark on providing public charter schools with the flexibility they need to thrive, leaving Connecticut far behind other states on the issue. We need to help successful charter schools and school boards reach more students, and give communities the chance to advocate for new opportunities for their children.
“We must stay committed to the essential bargain of a public charter school, which is greater flexibility for the unprecedented accountability taxpayers deserve.”


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