Laura Callachan

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Community Engagement Manager, Waterbury

Laura serves as the Community Engagement Manager for Waterbury where she will work closely with educators, parents, and community members to help establish meaningful relationships that will support and expand the charter movement in Waterbury. Laura will promote opportunities to parents and charter supporters to have their stories shared and their voices heard as part of of the 50,000 Voices program. In this role, Laura will work with the Waterbury community to cultivate stronger advocates which can lead to policy wins on behalf of Connecticut students.

Laura is a graduate from the University of Connecticut where she received her Masters in Social Work, focused in Public Policy. She is deeply passionate about the Connecticut education system and has worked in both the Bridgeport and New Britain school districts. Additionally, Laura spent a year working for a CREC school in Hartford. She is a strong proponent for school choice and believes that all of Connecticut’s children should have the rights  to receive and access to a quality education.


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