Maria Dalmau, on behalf of her daughter Samantha Cruz

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delmau-compressor.pngSamantha Cruz is a sixth grader at PUC Achieve Charter School, who also suffers from ADHD. Samantha has attended a charter sine kindergarten, first attending Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School before this year. Last year, Samantha was joined at EMH by her younger sister Marianna.

Prior to enrolling Samantha in a charter, Samantha’s mother, Maria Dalmau, did her own research on the Rochester City School District and what she saw was appalling. For years, Rochester has been one of the worst performing districts in the State and is, in many respects, an educational wasteland. In the 2012 through 2013 school year only 4.93% of students in grades 3 through 8 tested proficient in Math, and only 5.41% of students were proficient in ELA. Ms. Dalmau observed that almost all of the district’s schools were failing, and that the performance statistics for students of color in particular were especially poor. 

Recognizing that Rochester City Schools offered no hope for her and her daughter, Ms. Dalmau sought out better options for Samantha, and decided to enroll her in EMHCS.

Teachers, administrators, and support staff at charters provide Samantha with extensive individualized attention and assistance.  One teaching assistant went as far as to personally tutor Samantha after school in English Language Arts, just to make sure that Samantha did not fall behind in her literacy development. Due to the hard work of her teachers and school administrators, Samantha still performs well academically, despite her learning disability.

Hear Maria Delmau on her daughter Samantha’s school:

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