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The Northeast Charter Schools Network (NECSN) is dedicated to strengthening and supporting charter schools in New York and Connecticut. We are a membership organization that works with all schools, whether operating individually or as part of a management network. An annual membership in NECSN is available to all New York and Connecticut charter schools for $15 per student. 

Advocacy Efforts

Advocacy is crucial to the strength of the charter school movement, and your NESCN membership directly supports these efforts. By joining NECSN, you help ensure that state lawmakers and policy makers hear directly from you about your needs and concerns, and the impact their decisions have on the children you serve. Advocacy members also receive:

  • Updates on legislative activities, including actions on bills affecting charter schools and call-to-action Legislative Alerts;

  • NECSN Bulletins on news and events affecting charter schools;

  • Help-Desk assistance through the call center for advice on the range of issues affecting your charter school, from compliance advice to governance issues, testimony support or media and social media;

  • Access to our annual lobby day, including scheduling appointments for schools to meet with elected officials (coming soon).

For more information on joining, call us at 518-603-9091 or email the Membership and Services Team at



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