Michelle Emanuel, on behalf of her grandson Tishawn Walker

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Tishawn Walker is an 11th grade student at the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (BASCS). Tishawn has been a student at BASCS for the past four, entering the school in the 7th grade in 2012.  Prior to attending BASCS Tishawn attended the Drew Science Academy, PS 59, a district school.

Tishawn was enrolled in BASCS by his grandmother and legal guardian, Michelle Emanuel.  Ms. Emanuel removed Tishawn from PS 59 and enrolled him in BASCS because of tremendous problems she saw at PS 59, and because she saw that Tishawn was failing academically. She says he was not being provided with a sound and basic education, as is required by New York State law.

Tishawn continues to face challenges in some of his academics since coming to BASCS but has made noteworthy progress, and is enrolled in some honors classes.

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