More students need the opportunity to have a great education like the one I am receiving

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By Tishawn Walker, 9th grade student at Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School
I am a student at a Buffalo charter school and I understand why we need equal and fair funding.
My biggest reason for saying this is that more students - future students - need the same educational opportunities I am receiving. Charter schools can’t do this until we are treated fairly.
tw3-compressor.pngI am a 9th grade student at Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (BASCS). I started going to BASCS two years ago. Before that, I was in a district school and it was hard to learn.
Education wasn't fun. 
At BASCS, school is fun. I know you're not really supposed to think that school is fun, but I am enjoying learning. 
I feel this way even though BASCS is strict. It's not like my old school. The teachers here really help you if you don't understand. And there are more of them. I don't struggle with anything and I have a lot of support.
My favorite subject is math. I want to be an engineer. I want to attend the University at Buffalo when I graduate. 
My teachers talk about college. It's expected that we'll go to college. They check in with us individually to see what our goals are and to keep us on the right track to make sure that we get where we need to be.
But we need equal funding. 
My teachers have great ideas and they care about us. I believe that more kids should benefit from charter schools so that they can go to college and lead a successful life.
Tishawn's grandmother Michelle Emanuel is a plaintiff on his behalf in Brown v. New York. To learn more about the landmark charter school funding equality lawsuit, click here.


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