NECSN Encouraged by Release of Request for Proposals (RFP)

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The Northeast Charter Schools Network today commended Governor Dannel Malloy and Commissioner Dianna Wentzell following the Connecticut State Department of Education's release of Request for Proposals for new public charter schools and for facilities funding. 


**For Immediate Release: December 28, 2016**
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New Haven, CT – The Northeast Charter Schools Network today sent the following statement in response to the State Department of Education's release of Request for Proposals (RFP), which will allow for applications for the opening of new public charter schools, as well as afford existing public charter schools the opportunity to apply for competitive grants which would provide much-needed facilities funding support.

For further details, visit the CSDE’s RFP page.

Northeast Charter Schools Network Connecticut State Director Jeremiah Grace responded by saying, “After three long years of advocacy and hard work, we are ecstatic about the State Department of Education's decision to release Request for Proposals (RFPs) both for new public charter schools and for facilities funding. We must also commend Governor Dannel Malloy and Commissioner Dianna Wentzell for listening to the cries of communities across the state, and for acting favorably for these communities and these children. This has been one of our driving agenda items in the fight for Connecticut’s public charter school community for years. We are thrilled about the possibilities this could open up for the nearly 6,000 kids who are on charter school waitlists across the state, and for the dedicated groups and individuals eager to start new public charter schools to help meet that need."

"The release of these RFPs is proof that our three years of fighting, pleading and advocating for this day was not in vain. We stand ready to work with groups interested in starting this process in order to ensure the continued growth of the high-quality public charter school movement in Connecticut.”

“Until now, public charter school facilities had not been addressed since 2013 through Public Act 239. We are hopeful that with the announcement of the facilities RFP, our schools may soon be able to dedicate more resources where they belong - into the classroom and onto our students - instead of towards paying rent or fixing a leaky roof.”

“Still, we continue to believe that public charter schools deserve far more consistent and reliable public support for facilities. Our schools cannot continue to rely on unpredictable and inconsistent state bonding. Public charter schools already receive roughly $4,000 less in public funding per-pupil than their district peers, and are the only type of public schools with no consistent formula in place for facilities funding. That means that for public charter schools, the majority of costs associated with running a school building, from rent to repairs and more, have to come out of a budget that is already stretched thin.”

“Children whose families have chosen a public charter school deserve the same degree of public support as children who attend other types of public schools. We hope to work along with our legislators to ensure that Connecticut finds a facilities funding solution that works for the greater good of all of Connecticut’s public school students.”

About the Northeast Charter Schools Network: The Northeast Charter Schools Network is the membership and advocacy organization for the more than 250 charter schools in New York and Connecticut. Its mission is to support and expand high quality charter schools.

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