NECSN President Bill Phillips on the Future of NYC Charter Schools

Posted by on 02 / 07 / 2014 0 Reactions

by Joe Shahen
NECSN President Bill Phillips was featured today in's article about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's recent actions against the city's schools.

“If New York City has been a national model for growing charters, I think Mayor de Blasio is laying out a blueprint for killing charter expansion,” said Phillips, whose school network serves New York and Connecticut. “This is clearly a blueprint: Do everything on your power to take away access to buildings. Facilities are almost always one of the major challenges for charters across the country.”

Bill discusses the de Blasio administration pulling $210 million from the city’s charter schools, the moratorium on co-locations, and the statewide repercussions of Mayor de Blasio’s actions.

“He doesn’t want co-location, and he pulled every little bit of money that charter schools could use to build their own space,” Phillips said. “Kids need to go into buildings. …  It’s very clear that he wants to make it more difficult for existing charters and make sure there’s no expansion of chartering in New York City.”

“We have some of the best (charter school) operators in the country in New York City, and I know that operators are starting to look elsewhere,” he said.



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