Network Coordinator

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Position Title: Network Coordinator

POSITION/JOB SUMMARY:  The Network Coordinator reports to the Network Director and assists with managing systems that support the operating of NECSN, including both internal and external facing systems.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Network Coordinator will work under the direction of the Network Director on the following:

Coordinating logistics for events including, but not limited to:

- Regional schools conferences

- Awareness/Advocacy Days

- Staff retreats

- Charter leader convenings

- Charter Board convenings

- Network leader travel to conferences and events

Responding to information requests from Network leaders and managing updated information, including, but not limited to:

- School contact information

- Vendor information

- Board member and meeting information

Supporting State Directors with logistics including, but not limited to:

- Producing hard copy materials for legislative briefings and other meetings and convenings

- Ordering materials

- Coordinating with vendors and landlords for processes such as deliveries, moves and enhancements

- Assisting the Network Director with annual updates to internal documents.

- Coordinating the process and timeline for invoicing schools for annual dues;

- Supporting the Network Director to create and roll out a shared drive or shared document platform;

- Maintaining the shared drive or shared document platform;

- Managing the NECSN contacts list and data, or working with a vendor to manage this data;

- Updating the NECSN website, or working with a vendor to design updates;

- Creating and maintaining a school map and visit tracker; and

- Other items as assigned by the Network Director.  

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