New York City Second in U.S. in Charter School Enrollment, Top-10 in Growth for Second Consecutive Year

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New York City Second in U.S. in Charter School Enrollment, Top-10 in Growth for Second Consecutive Year

“Now is not the time to slow growth and deny parents choices.”

New York, NY – Driven by increased parental demand for quality school choices, New York City once again is one of America’s fastest growing cities for public charter school enrollment with an increase of 21% last year, according to a new report issued today.

The report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools said NYC remains second in the nation in charter school enrollment, with more than 58,000 students. The report, “A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter School Communities,” is based on 2012-13 school year figures.

This comes just months after a New York Times-Siena College poll found that the vast majority of NYC likely voters favor creating more public charter schools. It also reinforces the efforts of thousands of students, parents and teachers who marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in support of the city’s charter schools last October.

“The nation is watching: now is not the time to slow growth and deny parents choices,” said Northeast Charter Schools Network President Bill Phillips. “Nearly 50,000 students are still languishing on charter school wait lists and 16,000 students are at risk of losing their school if pending co-locations are rescinded.”

“It’s no surprise that more New York City parents are choosing charters for their children because the city has one of the nation’s best collection of charter schools,” Phillips said, citing the respected CREDO at Stanford study issued earlier this year.

“Saying no to the growing number of charter-choosing parents and their children would be a travesty, especially in light of the nationally-recognized quality of charters in New York City.”

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