New York State Director

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Position Title: New York State Director

POSITION/JOB SUMMARY: Serves as a public leader of the organization in New York while working with partners, electeds and other stakeholders to develop a multi-year advocacy strategy to affect lasting political and policy changes in the state. Manage a prudent legislative strategy with both short and long-term goals that will elevate the standing of New York’s charter school sector. Manage strategic advocacy plans and relationship-building activities to ensure that charters have the local champions and support networks needed to advance policy priorities.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop and execute strategies and tactics that will establish NECSN as the lead charter advocacy organization in the state, including measurable goals and objectives that result in meaningful policy wins.  

Political/Legislative Strategy:

Legislative Strategy - Craft and execute short and long term legislative strategies with input from lobbyists and coalition partners that build political support for pro-charter policies.   

Elected Engagement - Develop an elected engagement schedule, with a focus on Upstate legislators and charters.  Manage an Associate Director of Engagement to execute engagement with schools and electeds.

Policy - Work with staff and partners to develop policy goals to inform legislative priorities, analyse new and relevant data or to bolster necessary rapid response.

Membership Engagement:

Member Engagement - Support staff development of a membership engagement plan that focuses on increasing member advocacy, creating a set of well-suited member services and an on-going membership outreach and communications strategy.

Strategic Planning - Support staff in a strategic planning process aimed at - Developing the advocacy capacity of member organizations; Creating a menu of member services focused on navigating the state regulatory process; And creating a regular membership outreach plan.

External Communications:

Earned and Paid Media - Work with Communications staff and/or consultants to: Develop a pro-charter narrative and earned media communications strategy that broadens the tent of support for change and continues to keep our existing base engaged; And to create content that can be utilized on multiple platforms to support policy goals and advance a pro-charter narrative.   

Rapid Response - Work with staff and/or consultants to build a set of tactics that will be used to respond to real-time developments at the city and state levels that impact our schools. These tactics include but are not limited to - Op-eds/letters to the editor, digital actions and social media content sharing.

The NY State Director will also be expected to support fundraising, engage in C4 and electoral work with partners, & participate in NECSN leadership team strategic planning and organizational reboot. 

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