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NECSN Joins Gov. Malloy, Students & Clergy to Urge State Legislators Not to Back Down from Education Reform

For Immediate Release: May 2, 2013Contact: CJ Macklin, 518-390-5592, Northeast Charter Schools Network Joins Gov. Malloy, Students & Clergy to Urge State Legislators Not to Back Down from Education Reforms

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RALLY: Students, parents and clergy urging state legislators not to back down from education reforms

Media Contacts: CJ Macklin, Northeast Charter Schools Network (NECSN)Phone: (518) 390-5592Email: Brett Broesder, Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN)Phone: (406) 565-0083Email:

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Connecticut Needs More High-Performing Charter Schools

by Jeremiah Grace Last week the Appropriations Committee stripped out funding for new state charter schools from the Governor’s proposed education budget. This comes on the heels of the latest...

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UFT Charter Renewal Decision

by Andrea Rogers The SUNY Trustees' decision to extend the life of the UFT Charter School by two more years has prompted a variety of responses.  Critics from within the charter...

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Advocacy Day at the Capitol

by Joe Shahen On February 5th, more than 1,200 students, parents, teachers, and other public charter school supporters from 111 schools across New York State gathered in Albany for Charter...

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New CREDO Study and Charter Law Ranking report

by Andrea Rogers CREDO has issued a new, far-reaching study of charter school growth and success.  A key finding, described by the Ed Week Charters and Choice Blog, is that success or failure in the...

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Business Council Supports Charter School Students with Special Needs Act

by Andrea Rogers The Business Council has announced a draft 2013 legislative and regulatory agenda that includes support for The Charter School Students with Special Needs Act.  The bill, introduced last year...

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Judge Dismisses 3rd Challenge to Amani Public Charter School

by Andrea Rogers In early January, a State Supreme Court Judge dismissed the third Article 78 by the Mt Vernon City School District challenging Amani Public Charter School's right to...

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Catching our eye: Mayoral Candidate Quinn Won't Charge Charters Rent

by Andrea Rogers New York City Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn spoke today about education issues.  As part of the conversation, she confirmed again that she does not intend to start...

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NYC Bus Strike Planned for Wednesday Morning

by Andrea Rogers NYC schools: as you probably know, the city and the school bus drivers union have not been able to reach a contract agreement.  The union has announced plans to...
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