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Judge Dismisses 3rd Challenge to Amani Public Charter School

by Andrea Rogers In early January, a State Supreme Court Judge dismissed the third Article 78 by the Mt Vernon City School District challenging Amani Public Charter School's right to...

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Catching our eye: Mayoral Candidate Quinn Won't Charge Charters Rent

by Andrea Rogers New York City Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn spoke today about education issues.  As part of the conversation, she confirmed again that she does not intend to start...

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NYC Bus Strike Planned for Wednesday Morning

by Andrea Rogers NYC schools: as you probably know, the city and the school bus drivers union have not been able to reach a contract agreement.  The union has announced plans to...

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Advocacy Day in Albany

by Andrea Rogers Charter School Advocacy Day 2013 is almost here!  Join us on February 5th to celebrate our strong charter school movement and meet with legislative representatives to share your stories. ...

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Implementation and Impact of the Common Core and PARCC

by Andrea Rogers The roll-out of the Common Core state standards has affected all NY charter schools in many ways, including new state tests that have been aligned to reflect...

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High School Placement Paper

by Andrea Rogers To expand access for minority students and students from under-resourced communities to highly selective high schools, the New York Charter Schools Association and Elevate Charter Schools has...

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Race to the Top Charter Schools--Teacher Evaluations

by Andrea Rogers Headlines continue to highlight the January deadline for approval of districts' teacher evaluation plans.  Districts without approval--which include NYC and Buffalo--risk losing state aid for non-compliance. 

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Medical Director Update

by Andrea Rogers We continue to receive questions about the new Medical Director requirement. A memo from the NY Statewide School Health Services Center announced the requirement to charter school...

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News from the Regents Meeting December 2012

by Andrea Rogers Changes to NYS Tests in 2013 The Board of Regents met on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  The P12 Committee heard an overview of the new 3-8 Common...
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