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WEDS. NOV. 16: Time Capsule to Commemorate 20 Years of CT Charter Schools

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of charter schools in the state of Connecticut, charter school students, families, educators and school leaders will gather at Highville Charter School for the burial...

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Charter Schools Denounce Proposed Cuts That Would Devastate Schools

The Northeast Charter Schools Network today denounced the State Department of Education’s proposed cuts to education spending, specifically a proposal to cut $11 million dollars in funding to charter schools,...

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Thurs. Oct 6: Explorations Charter School Families, Students, and Educators to Meet with Legislators for Breakfast, School Tour

Charter school students, families and educators from Explorations Charter School in Winsted will welcome legislators to their school for a breakfast, a tour of the school, and first-hand testimonials about...

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Brown v. New York parent plaintiffs continue to fight for their day in court; supporters rally with them in support of fair funding

Calling for fairness and equality, charter school students, parents, teachers and supporters rallied Wednesday morning with the Western New York parents suing the state for fair charter school funding.

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New Haven Charter School Will Welcome Kids with a Back-To-School Greeting Line

Kids returning to Booker T. Washington Academy charter school in New Haven will get a warm welcome on Tuesday, September 6th. The school is hosting a Men’s Welcome Back to...

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September 7 - Critical Development in the Brown v. New York Lawsuit

On Wednesday, September 7, a Rochester court will hear arguments about why the Brown v. New York lawsuit should not be dismissed, as the state continues to try and have the case...

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Connecticut Charter School Association Supports Parent Plaintiffs Demanding Access to Better Public School Options

The Northeast Charter Schools Network today sent the following statement in support of the Connecticut families and the non-profit group Students Matter who have filed a federal lawsuit demanding access...

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Analysis: Connecticut Charter Schools Continue to Outpace District Schools in State Testing

The Northeast Charter Schools Network today congratulated Connecticut charter schools for continuing to improve and outpace their host school districts. The Connecticut State Department of Education released the results of...

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Buffalo Community Activists Hold Emergency Town Hall Meeting on Educational Crisis

Concerned citizens, community activists, and clergy leaders came together on Monday evening at the Friendship Baptist Church for an Emergency Town Hall Meeting to address the crisis affecting school children....

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Charter Schools Make Biggest Gains on State Exams

The Northeast Charter Schools Network today commended and congratulated the state’s charter schools for making the largest gains in student achievement on state exams in both Math and English Language...
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