News from the Regents Meeting December 2012

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by Andrea Rogers

Changes to NYS Tests in 2013

The Board of Regents met on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  The P12 Committee heard an overview of the new 3-8 Common Core Assessments.

The new assessments were built to directly reflect the Common Core and its increased rigor and intensity for college readiness.  SED staff explained an effort is underway to provide context to schools about what to expect from these rigorous new tests.  Results are expected to be more in line with NAEP scores than the state’s own tests from 2012.

Translation: Expect the exam results to show a drop in proficiency rates.

You should download the test guides (there is a guide for each grade in both ELA and math).

Changes are coming to Regulations Affecting Charter Schools

Proposed amendments to teacher certification reciprocity requirements are under consideration.  The full Board is expected to approve the changes in March 2013.

NYCSA supported the concept of changing reciprocity requirements because the issue has been a challenge for charter schools across the state.  We encourage you to read through the proposed changes and submit comments.  NYCSA also will be reading the changes carefully, please feel free to call or email Andrea with feedback.

A 2013 Regulatory Agenda also was approved that lays the groundwork to change other charter school regulations, including adding regulations related to residency determinations.  We will keep you updated as changes unfold.


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