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Rochester Academy Charter School is seeking a certified School Administrator for the role of Founding Principal for its new K-5 Elementary School. RACS will be enrolling kindergarten and first grade students for 2018-19 school year. 

The Founding Principal will be responsible for researching a sustainable curriculum and material options for K-5, preparing a budget, developing a comprehensive plan for elementary school as part of the RACS’ next five-year strategic plan, designing a classroom layout for kindergarten and first grade, hiring and recruiting school staff, communicating with parents and searching for grants.  This is an opportunity for a leader to develop a new school building from the ground up.  

The following are the general roles and responsibilities of the Elementary School Principal:

  • Setting and promoting an instructional vision for the building
  • Teacher Observation and Evaluation
  • Supervision of Mentoring Program
  • Supervision of Curriculum and Lesson Plans
  • Coordination of Staff Meetings and RtI Process
  • Coordination of assessments and state tests
  • Supervision of Data Driven Instruction
  • Working as a member of the Hiring Committee
  • Determining Textbook, Hardware and Software needs and placing orders
  • Supervision of Discipline
  • Review of Code of Conduct
  • Parent communication around issues effecting students
  • Supervision of student arrival and dismissal
  • Monitoring student tardiness and absenteeism
  • Maintaining orderliness in the building, cafeteria and hallways
  • Supervising school staff
  • Submitting required reporting including VADIR (Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting) and DASA (The Dignity for All Students Act) state reports
  • Conducting emergency drills

The successful candidate will work closely with the current administrators.  Elementary and early childhood experience is preferred.  This is a great opportunity for a newly certified administrator, or a person seeking urban administrative experience. NYS certification as a School District or Building Administrator is preferred, but Certificate of Internship and out-of-state certification will also be considered. The Elementary School Principal will be a part of New York State Teachers Retirement and will be eligible for competitive salary, including health and dental benefits.  To apply, click here.

RACS is growing! We have been approved for a full-term, five-year charter renewal and a full expansion, and over the next five years we will become a K-12 School. 



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