Russell and Tammy Bell, on behalf of their children Sirmanuel, Fina, and Mark Bell

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Sirmanuel, Fina, and Mark Bell are siblings in the fourth, seventh, and eighth grades respectively, at King Center. The Bell children were enrolled at King Center five years ago by their parents Russell and Tammy Bell.

The Bells opted not to enroll their children in a traditional public school since most Buffalo district schools were failing.

Mr. and Mrs. Bell chose to enroll their children at King Center because of the partnerships King Center had made with organizations like AmeriCorps, the Jericho Road Community Health Center, and Houghton College.

The Bells also found that the teachers at King Center approached educating each student as if they were their own children, and made a conscious effort to connect with children and families. Teachers and faculty also take strides to work through racial and cultural barriers to effectively relate to the students they serve, and encouraged students of color to take pride in their history and heritage.


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