Stamford Charter Students Share Random Acts of Kindness

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by Jose Alfaro
Stamford Academy charter teachers and students recently spent a day paying it forward in the community for a Random Act of Kindness day.
School leader David Williams headed the charge to engage students in a day of civic service. Students gathered in pink shirts with “RAK” (Random Act of Kindness) on them at Stamford Academy’s cafeteria and then were split into teams and tasks.
Mr. Williams provided an inspirational speech to motivate his students, and they were off.
One group was assigned to distribute five-dollar gift cards at various Donut Delight locations in the downtown area. Another group gave away hot chocolate at a local shopping center, while others volunteered at the Salvation Army.
The young scholars engaged their communities with pride and enthusiasm. One citizen was so impressed with a student that he handed him a business card and asked him to call once he started college.
Three hours later, the students had completed their missions. They headed back to Stamford Academy with a feeling of pride and accomplishment – and the sense that sometimes it really is better to give than receive.
Take a look at some pictures of their day below:


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