July 25th State Bond Commission Meeting Update

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July 25th State Bond Commission Meeting Update

Today, the State Bond Commission held a meeting to vote on a variety of state bonding requests, including $6.5 million in general obligation bonds for grants to assist charter schools with capital expenses and $190,645 in grants for projects that include alterations, repairs, improvements, technology and equipment to help address building and site deficiencies, and to promote the health, safety, and learning of the students.

The full agenda for this meeting can be found here.  

Below is a breakdown of the charter capital bonding awards by school, with a brief grant award description, and the total amount allocated:

School: Grant Description: Amount:
Amistad Academy

Debt Repayment

AF Bridgeport Academy E.S. Debt Repayment $300,000
AF Bridgeport Academy M.S. Debt Repayment $550,000
Elm City College Prep

Debt Repayment

Capital Prep Harbor

Window Replacement (264K), electrical upgrades (13K), HVAC (573K)

Integrated Day Charter School Debt Repayment $31,017
Integrated Day Charter School

HVAC (188K), paving (45K), security upgrades (15K), bathroom improvements (40K),  improvements to school grounds (100K), science classroom and cafeteria upgrades (112K), five fitness stations (19K), window treatments (44K)

Bridge Academy

Paving (63K), sidewalks (66K), fencing (7K), oil tank removal (40K)

Stamford Charter School for Excellence

Entrance upgrades/ security (90K), boiler replacement and heating upgrades (281K), gymnasium improvements (95K), roof replacement (384K)

Brass City Charter School

Building renovations of approximately 68K sq ft. Major items to be addressed include: elevator, stairwell, space for student support services and school administration


Design renovate and build two science labs (875 Asylum St)


Design renovate and build two science labs (339 Blue Hills)

Total:   $6,512,378



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