Statement from Jeremiah Grace, Connecticut State Director, NECSN regarding Connecticut Voices for Children Report on Connecticut Choice Programs

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For Immediate Release: April 8, 2014
Contact: Bob Bellafiore,
Hartford, CT - NECSN Connecticut State Director, Jeremiah Grace, made the following statement:
This report is puzzling because charters – which are public schools of choice and want to serve all children – are doing exactly what this group says schools should do:
  • Bringing educational opportunity to every child, particularly Connecticut’s growing Hispanic population
  • Providing the kind of education that leads to college and career and reduces racial and economic isolation
  • Increasing graduation rates and keeping children in school.
A more educated society will be a more enlightened one. That’s what will close the income inequality gap, the achievement gap, the opportunity gap and the worst gap of all – the hope gap – that disproportionately plague children of color.
We’re not the source of educational inequality for children but we are part of the solution. The facts speak for themselves – African-American and Latino children in New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford are outperforming their peers in district schools. And parent demand could not be greater – with more than 4,200 children on waiting lists.
Charters didn’t create Connecticut’s achievement gap but they are doing great work in helping close it. Rather than try to impose a one-size-fits-all mandate on these public schools of choice, policy makers should be finding ways to help charters flourish and increase choices for parents as part of a comprehensive approach to giving every child a great public school.
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