Statement on Charter School Rally for Statewide Fairness

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For Immediate Release: March 4, 2014
Contact: Bob Bellafiore, 518-928-8471,
Statement on Charter School Rally for Statewide Fairness
Albany, NY – More than 10,000 public charter school parents, students, teachers, and supporters from across New York State rallied at the Capitol to ask Albany for fairness in funding, facilities opportunities, and statewide universal pre-kindergarten.
Northeast Charter Schools Network President, Bill Phillips, said:
“Charter supporters came from across the state to ask Albany for fairness and leadership.  Children attending charter schools receive much less in per pupil funding than their neighbors in district schools and receive no facilities funding from the state.
“Today, we stood with families from all over New York to ask Albany to right these wrongs. We are grateful that Senator Skelos is defending charters against Mayor de Blasio’s unfair decision-making.  We urge the rest of the Legislature to follow suit and protect all of our children.
“While the facilities challenges facing charter schools in New York City are well known, there is an equally serious crisis facing charter children in Buffalo, Rochester, and elsewhere upstate that also requires Albany’s leadership.”
Liz Evans, founder of Elmwood Village Charter School in Buffalo, attended the rally today and said: 
“I hope the Governor does everything possible to help charters throughout the state.  Buffalo charters are not as visible as the New York City schools, but we have the same struggles and we deserve the same support.”
Julio Vasquez, Founder of Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School in Rochester, addressed the crowd today, and issued the following statement:
“Charters across the state — from Western New York to downstate — share the same challenges, led by fair funding and facilities. We need our leaders in Albany to hear us and make it easier for us to serve the students and families who choose charters as their path to the American dream.”
About the Northeast Charter Schools Network.
The Northeast Charter Schools Network is a regional advocacy organization for the more than200 charter schools in New York and Connecticut. Its mission is to support and expand high quality charter schools in the region.
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