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Charter schools deserve fair funding

Public charter schools in Connecticut are doing right by their students.   The vast majority of Connecticut’s Black, Hispanic, and low-income children perform three grade levels below their peers. Charter...

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Charter school diversity

Charters serve a diverse set of Connecticut students, and they do it extremely well.   In fact, according to our own State Department of Education, 86% of charter elementary schools...

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Cherry-picking is nonsense

Charter schools excel at educating students in Connecticut.   In fact, according to our own State Department of Education, eighty-six percent of charter elementary schools are outperforming the district schools...

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The most common charter school myth

The most common myth you hear about charters schools is a simple one: they’re not public schools.   In Connecticut, that’s a jaw-dropping accusation, since state law literally defines charters as “a public,...

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Myth-Busting Charter Schools: Bronx Community Charter School

Myth: Charter schools are never unionized.   Fact: Some charter schools are unionized but opt for a less-restrictive contract.   While most charter schools are not unionized, some are -- and...

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