This is what a great day for an educator looks like

Posted by on 10 / 28 / 2015 0 Reactions

Recently, some of the NECSN staff had a chance to visit Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls. We were able to hear how the school’s rigorous academic program prepares students for life after high school with a huge emphasis on going to college.

On that particular day, it was by chance that we met educators who were celebrating one of their students who had just taken her last final exam – and passed with flying colors. What makes this so momentous? It took that student a bit longer than is typical to earn enough credits to graduate. But her teachers and the school staff never gave up on her. They worked with her and her mother during the summer months before school officially started to make sure she not only passed, but did well – and that she will have a successful life after she graduates. 

Here’s what it means to them, in their own words (needless to say, we were inspired!)


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