Union "blatantly ignores the truth that charters are working." BTF paper "half-baked screed that would fail a basic statistics class."

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For Immediate Release: Friday, May 2, 2014
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Union “blatantly ignores the truth that charters are working.”

BTF paper “half-baked screed that would fail a basic statistics class.”

Albany, N.Y. – A paper released this week by the Buffalo Teachers Federation bashing charter public schools “blatantly ignores the truth that charters are working to improve student performance and insults Buffalo parents who choose these schools for their children,” the leader of New York’s charter advocacy group said today.
“The BTF should be ashamed of itself for foisting this half-baked screed on the public and calling it `research.’ It would fail any basic statistics class,” said Bill Phillips, President of the Northeast Charter Schools Network.
Here are the facts about charter public schools in Buffalo, taken from NYS Education Department data:
  • Buffalo charter schools are outperforming the Buffalo City School District in both math and ELA.
  • The four-year high school graduation rate in Buffalo charter schools is 23 percentage points higher than in Buffalo district schools.
  • On average, Buffalo charters outperform Buffalo district schools in both 2012 and 2013 in grades 3-8 for both math and ELA. For example, in 2012, Buffalo charter students on average outperformed their district peers in math by nearly 27 percentage points.
“Buffalo’s charter schools have an important role to play in providing Buffalo’s children with a strong education and a brighter future,” Phillips said. “The fact is that the city’s traditional schools have failed to meet the needs of most children, and the charters provide an option and a choice. The facts tell the story.”  
“Let us not use a failing school district as the role model for performance. All residents should question why the district has a rate of 20 percent special education in the first place. It might be because they failed to properly teach those students, and then it became easier to slap them with the special education label. The BTF also likes to forget that the state Legislature enacted enrollment and retention targets for high need students in charter schools,” Phillips said.
“The many failures of the Buffalo city schools set an incredibly low bar for success, and charter schools are committed to excelling at a much higher capacity. While some of the city schools continue in a spiral of decline, more and more students are opting for charter schools as an alternative and a path to success.”
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