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The Northeast Charter Schools Network (NECSN) is the membership and advocacy organization for charter schools in New York and Connecticut.  Formerly known as the New York Charter Schools Association, the organization was established in 2000. 

Our mission is to support and expand the high-quality charter school movement in both states. We work to advance pro-charter school legislation at the State Capitol in Albany and Hartford, and our team of veteran charter school experts is always available to assist our member schools with services designed to help them operate more effectively. 

Our advocacy staff understands that despite tremendous promise and performance, charter schools often need defending. The NECSN team has been successful on many fronts, bringing significant victories to the charter school movement despite tough budget cycles. We continue to fight for charter kids to close the funding gap between charter and district schools.

We communicate with our members often, providing immediate updates to schools on policies and proceedings in Albany and Hartford, circulate legislative updates, help organize advocacy visits for schools and parents, and tell your stories in the press and on digital and social media.

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Northeast Charter Schools Network

2 Tower Place, Floor 2, Albany NY 12203

85 Willow Street, New Haven CT 06511

Phone: (518) 603-9091
Email: info@necharters.org