Fighting to ensure that every child has the choice to attend a great public charter school.

What We Do

NECSN serves as the network organization supporting the Connecticut Charter Schools Association and the New York Charter Schools Association.

About Connecticut Charter Schools Association

The Connecticut Charter Schools Association advocates for equitable resources and consideration for the students of Connecticut attending any of the state’s 21 public charter schools.

About New York Charter Schools Association

The New York Charter Schools Association serves as a unified voice for the over 300 public charter schools, and the 150,000 students that attend them, in New York State — from Brooklyn to Buffalo and everywhere in between.

About Northeast Charter Schools Network

NECSN is a nonprofit network organization that supports the work of both the New York Charter Schools Association and Connecticut Charter Schools Association, each of which serve as the unified voices for their state’s public charter schools. We work to enact change in the public charter school sector that will have a significant impact on student outcomes throughout each state.

About Charter Schools

There are more, and better, charter schools across New York and Connecticut than ever before and they are serving more of the state’s neediest students than traditional district schools. New York’s charter schools serve the families most in need of a choice in education: 88% of students enrolled in charter schools are black or Hispanic, compared with 69% in the schools’ district of location. In Connecticut, 80% of charter school students are black and brown and 66% come from low-income households. Charter school students are largely outpacing and improving faster than their traditional district school peers and as compared to students statewide. When it comes to educating their children, we’re working to ensure every family in New York and Connecticut has a choice.

Our Staff

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Anna Hall

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Mike Strianese

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

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Becky Comish

Director of Operations and HR

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